Diya Aur Baati Hum – Episode 1 Summary

it starts with some tourist visiting during some Rajasthani festival. Tourist guide fails to answer their questions…then suddenly Kanchan (Sandhya’s mother) comes there and helped them. She tells the tourist that they perform these rituals praying for the long live of their husband. Suddenly Sandhya’s father Arbind comes there and tells Kanchan that they need to go home now. They take a leave.

Young Sandhya is walking over a wall. Her friend is following her walking beside her on the ground. Sandhya is not tensed about her result. She said to her friend that her mother should be happy of her result because she got the mark she deserves. Suddenly they notice a boy named Gaptu is trying to climb a tree to steal bird’s nest. Sandhya warns him not to do so but he didn’t pay heed to that. Sandhya too climb in the tree and in between that boy falls into the ground. Suddenly her friend says I am not you friend…I am leaving. Sandhya is puzzled and turns around. She sees her parents there. At home, Kanchan tells her husband to scold Sandhya but Sandhya convinced them saying that she got 100 percent marks as she studied for 60 marks only and her brother got 95 in spite of studying for 100. All are speechless. Sandhya tells her father that he promised her to buy shoe for her. He says that he will buy it today. In an office, Arbind is asking for some works from a guy but that person is asking for bribe and tells him to follow him too. Sandhya is fuming. She throws ink in that persons face and runs away. Arbind goes behind her. In the evening Kanchan is tensed as Sandhya didn’t return yet. Arbind says that he knows where she is. Sandhya is throwing stones in a pond. Arbind reaches there. Sandhya cries saying why we have to face all these. Arbind tells her that she needs to be strong if she wants t change these…be a collector or police officer. Sandhya says now I’ve decided that I’ll be a police officer. Sandhya is walking towards her home. Then grown up Sandhya is shown with her friend. They are having girly jokes regarding her friend’s marriage and education. Suddenly a guy snatches a tourist’s bag and runs away. Tourist woman screams for help. Sandhya runs behind the thief. Then starts a long bhagam bhag. Finally Sandhya catches the thief and he apologies to that woman. Sandhya takes her classes for calling Indians bad name. Kanchan is putting hena on her daughter-in-laws hand for Gangaur festival. Arbind comes there with sweets. He jokes Kanchan saying she can still smell Malpua.

Kanchan replies he too didn’t forgot that she likes Malpua. Then they leave hall room. Sandhya’s brother Ankur reaches home and goes near his wife. Sandhya too reaches home. Kanchan comes there and scolds Sandhya seeing her torn dupatta. Arbind comes there to save Sandhya. Sandhya says mom you want me to blush right…let me so that. Then she starts blushing. She tells Kanchan why you are tensed when I can do everything. Everyone starts laughing. Kanchan again complains saying almost all Sandhya’s friends are getting married only she left. Sandhya replies her not to worry as her priest says that her wedding will be fixed in a day. Next day, Sandhya is making fun to her friend Pinky. She is dancing with some other girls. Suddenly she goes to her father to give him medicine. A woman named Sumaya is noticing Sandhya and she looks impressed. She asks another lady about Sandhya. Ankur heard that and tells her that it’s his sister Sandhya. She says that she has something important to ell him. At morning, Sandhya is reading a book. Ankur comes home and tells everyone that Sumaya asks for Sandhya’s hand for her son. Sandhya is shocked hearing this. Ankur also says that he met that boy and shows his photo. Sandhya tells everyone that she doesn’t want to marry now. Ankur tries to convince her but she says how I can leave my dream this way. Episode ends.