Sanjivani : A Medical Boon…

Sanjivani : What A Medical Boon….
If you happened to be one of the fans of Astro Prima channel, you must have heard of the Hindi mini series on medical doctors fighting for hope, career and love: Sanjivani: The Medical Boon.The story was at the very first season highlighting the life of 4 practical doctors trying to survive in the Sanjivani hospital. In every episode, they were confronted with a very highly emotional medical scenarios…all to be handled with professionalism (which in their case, I believed they had failed). This 4 doctors ( Rahul, Omi, Juhi, Simran) were being supervised by the “superdoctor” Dr. Shanshank ( who seemed to know everything). The story at first showed the friendship of these four doctors, then it took its twist and turn when Simran who was Rahul’s childhood friend fell in love with him but Rahul somehow fell in love with Juhi who regarded Rahul as a enemy at first but later fell totally in love with Rahul. It’ s weird though that Omi was being neglected in this love triangle ( poor Omi, the director should at least find a co star as his girlfriend). Perhaps the most dramatic scene in this medical mini series ( which has nothing to do with medicine ) was the marriage of Rahul and Simran. Then came the new season ( still using the medical boon, when it should actually being changed to love boon ) in which Rahul and Juhi were still together regardless of the fact that he was still married to Simran.The whole thing started to be so unlogical when Aman was inserted into the story. Then, you would start to realize that there were so many stupid scenes that you would wish you never watched it on the first place.
The characters:
1. Dr. Rahul : Who was a very excellent doctor and a very dedicated one. He really love Juhi that he’ll do everything for her but he was so blind that he never realized his wife was using their bedroom telephone comploting with Aman almost all the time and never knew that his wife was so mean to his mother eventhough they lived in the same house. His favourite scene ( which happened all the time that the script writer only had to copy and paste the script) was having a fight with Juhi and then drove his car very fast and other car would knock him or his car would knock a tree or whatever which would leave him injured. The family would get worried and Juhi would felt guilty and she would run to the temple praying that her Rahul would be safe and promised that she will never hurt his feeling anymore. Then, Rahul would come back to the hospital and Juhi would be running to him and then they would get back together again which leave Simran with totally nothing.And after a few episodes, the scene will be repeated again but they’ll wear different dresses this time.
2. Dr Juhi : If Dr. Shanshank was the superdoctor, Juhi would be the superhero of the story. She was like the only one with brain and courage to reveal whatever secret in Sanjivani, but stupid enough to be cheated by Aman. She was like so hardworking that she worked in almost every ward and operate every patients from gynaecology case to cardiovascular case ( a very heroic act but a rather unusual for doctors to work in almost every wards).
3. Dr. Simran : A rich girl who was spoiled by her father. The moment you saw her with her make up and posh dresses, you would know that she will be the one with the money to do almost everything including hiring Aman as a doctor ( Aman was actually a prisoner and never worked as a doctor before ). Her best quality was to do vicious job without being detected even by the superdoctor and superhero ( what a pathetic coincidence ). Looking at her made me feel annoyed, the fact that she was so in love with Rahul that she was willing to even sacrifice a patient’s life was like a humiliation to medicine. How could she be so unprofessional to her job? Doctors save life, they don’t simply killed people in order to win their husbands’ heart.
4. Dr. Shanshank and Dr. Smriti: This husband and wife couple were like the only people in the story who seemed to be real and rational ( eventhough Dr. Shanshank was the only doctor who could safe life, the other doctors’ job was to watch him do operation and later praised him for it ).
5. Aman : He is the most stupid character ever. I mean …how could you actually pretended to be a doctor for months without other doctors suspecting you for that. In this story however, it seemed to be logic for other doctors not to know about it because they never actually talked about medicine and of course being in Sanjivani, no one cares about you being a real doctor or not because the superdoctor and superhero would always come to the rescue. The weird thing is no patient ever die or get worse under Aman’s supervision but lots of patients would die under Rahul’s supervision ( though Rahul was the real doctor here ).
The scenes :
1. Simran and Aman would be comploting together in Simran’s office, on the roadside…everywhere and they talked on the phone almost all the time, still no one know about their plan.
2. The doctors were more involved with the patients’ family than the patients themselves.
3. Female doctors can wear almost everything from sexy dresses to long saries and also lots of accessories and they don’t have to tie up their long hair.
4. There would be lots of scene where Dr. Shanshank get the credit for his good work.
5. The doctors seemed to be working in every ward and all the different wards seemed to be on the same floor.
6. They have their rest room and as practical doctors, they would spend their rest hour talking craps instead of revising and discussing about medicine.
7. Omi would be the one making jokes – the joke was none of it was funny.
8. If you fell in love with Rahul, think again…because he’s an accident prone. Other than working as a doctor, he’s also Dr Shanshank’s favourite patient.
9. They have big and beautiful café but the only thing the café sold was sandwiches and coffee.
This story was like the waste of time. As a medical student, I get annoyed with the way they potrait doctors. Doctors in this story was unprofessional, too busy with their personal life while being in hospital and certain of them ( Dr. Simran ) have problem with their ethic. I know this mini series was only for entertainment and I’m not being sensitive here but being a medical student, I felt disgusted to know that there were so many mistakes about doctors in this story. The first season was fun to watch but the second season was getting way out of control. For those who watch this series, I mean no offence. For those planning to watch, please don’t.